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After many years of thinking about it, I’m finally doing something about it.  I’m starting my own blog! Although by no means a liberal arts person (physics major), I’ve enjoyed writing since my high school days.   Writing gives me the same kind of release/relief that physical exercise gives to other people.  My daughter, for example.

Welcome to my ramblings.  Some of it will hopefully be useful, or if not useful, hopefully entertaining; and if not entertaining, well, I guess you will be going elsewhere.

After at least six trips to Panama, I’ve finally moved here … along with my sigo of four years and our collection of  pets, all of which are rescues.  We almost moved to Ecuador, which will be the subject of other posts.  Prior to exploring Panama and Ecuador, I spent nearly 10 years in the Caribbean, the subject of which I expect will be many posts.  Prior to that and during that time, I also made numerous, mostly solo, trips to Belize.  Any and all of these locales will be likely topics for future posts.  In some instances, I will be using notes written during the actual experience, making for a belatedly published blog.

But the first things I will want to talk about are my/our experiences in Panama.  Often times this will include the experiences of friends living here.  Most will be informative, especially if you see yourself living here someday, or very possibly even if you’re already here.

My writing style is casual, sometimes even folksy.  It is me.  I will end sentences on a preposition with impunity and commit other egregious errors of grammar and punctuation.  Generally intentional and deliberate.  But I’m really picky about spelling.  If you think you’ve found a spelling error, please feel free to point it out. <g>



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