Dealing with Bureaucrats

We’re building a new house here and it’s proving to be quite an experience.  If we’d known what we were getting into we probably would have never started the project.  Paper work and bureaucrats seem to be required at every turn.  And nothing moves fast.

We got up at 5:30 today so we could meet our architect and take him to our property for the long-awaited septic system perc test.  It should be the last bit of approval we need before applying for construction electricity.    We had loaded the car to 3-passenger capacity,  mostly with plants that needed to be transported to the land.  We somehow didn’t realize a fourth person would be joining us; perhaps we should have.   Arriving at the architect’s office we learned of the additional person.  So we had to download some plants and such at his place in order to make room for a dept of health inspector.

Then we’re off to pick him up. On the other side of town, his office had the appearance of being way down the list on funding priorities.  Wonder if that means anything?  He was in the car only a matter of seconds when he got out, complaining of the smell of dogs.  Well!  I never pick up the dog smell in our car but we certainly haul dogs regularly. Three of them actually.

Rather indignantly he said he’d take other transportation and come to the property next week. Why he couldn’t take other transportation and come today he didn’t say.   Guess he just needed to flex some muscle.

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