Muslim Immigrants


The CBS morning news claimed that 59% of Americans are AGAINST a temporary ban on muslim immigrants. That boggles my mind. It’s an acknowledged fact, a FACT, that some number of radicals would be smuggled in with all the masses. Does anyone actually think we’re up to ferreting them out?  Projecting a little further, can you imagine the anguish of a pro-immigration activist losing a family member to an embedded terrorist? I can’t help but think of the ACLU president in Georgia that did an abrupt 180 on transgender bathrooms when her own daughters became traumatized by an intruder in their restroom.

I find the subject especially bothersome when there are so many(?) countries much closer geographically and culturally for these people to be considering.  What am I missing here?

I truly am sympathetic to the victims of war that are in need. But my call to action stops short when it means personal risk of destruction or destruction to my family, friends, countrymen. War is hell. No denying that. And those that carry the least blame (or no blame at all) invariably suffer the most.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the leaders of warring parties would just duke it out among themselves and not involve the innocent populace? It could be a boxing match or a chess match or dueling pistols. Whatever. Just don’t make the innocent suffer. How efficient that would be! No collateral damage and no destruction of property. And think of all the money it would save.

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