If You Can Keep It

It’s finally occurred to me that my heart is much more into a conservative political blog than it is a travel blog. Jan has suggested I do both. Maybe I will. But for now, I’m changing the direction of this blog.

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I just started reading a book called “If You Can Keep It”. The author was recently interviewed on “The 700 Club”. I’m not a particularly religious person but this program offers superior news reporting on topics that you generally won’t find on the major networks. I found the author sufficiently interesting that I added his book to my Kindle collection

If You Can Keep It

This book is all about the undeniable decline of the US that, according to the author, is because the citizenry is not taking the active, aggressive role that the founding fathers recognized was mandatory for the continuation of the republic. A major example of the change needed, as he sees it (I agree), is that people need to vote for what is most beneficial for the country, putting their own personal interests aside.

That simply ain’t gonna happen. Clearly, almost everyone in this country is looking out for numero uno w/o regard to the future of the country, or even themselves long-term. Can you imagine that changing on a wholesale level?

Given that alone, I see his book as a confirmation of my long-held belief that the ole USofA is in an irrecoverable death spiral. I hope that I’m wrong and that my opinions are just those of a senior citizen longing for the good old days, but I really doubt it. Look at the facts.

One bright spot I see in all of this is the justification for Texas to secede. Don’t laugh. It could happen. I’ll deal with this more in future posts.

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