Unexpected Ending for the Day

We were almost home from a day trip to Volcan when Jan stopped the car on La India, ½ km from the house, to closer examine what she thought might be an orchid lying on the ground. It was a false alarm, but we had stopped almost directly across from a shack where one or more Indian families sometime live. We’ve never really figured that out.

A young man that we recognized came over to talk to us. We’re actually better acquainted with his wife. He needed some transportation tomorrow and was unable to pay for commercial services. He said his baby died two days ago. He needed to pick up the body in Boquete tomorrow morning, take it to David to get a permit to buy a coffin, then go to Changuinola on the Caribbean coast for burial, a very good 3 hours of driving one-way. Could we do it and what would we charge?

As all of this was in Spanish, we told him to wait there while we got our neighbor Frank (Cuban ancestry) to make sure we had understood everything correctly.  We had.

It will be a very sad day tomorrow but one we cannot realistically avoid.  We’re certainly not looking forward to it but on the other hand we’re thankful that we were placed where we can hopefully help ease the burden on a young family in this tragic situation.

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  1. God Bless you Al and Jan — a perfect example of what is expected of us during the Jubilee year of Mercy and always as Christians.

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