A Flash! (of Lightning)

The rainy season this year is just getting started, a bit early maybe. I had just finished the minimal outdoor work I had set for myself when it began to rain. And rain, and rain. I didn’t have a gauge set up but we certainly got “several” inches.

I was out on the carport mid afternoon still trying to clean up the mess from the recent container arrival. There was suddenly a really bright flash of lightning and the roar of thunder was scarcely a second later. The strike had to be really close. I went inside to check on the animals and found they were all “OK”. Fortunately, none of our animals seem to be particularly scared of thunder.

Just a few minutes later I was in the great room facing the kitchen when an incredibly intense white light filled the room. Actually, in my mind, it followed all of the corners of all of the walls and ceilings. It happened so fast, and the light was so brilliant, I’m not sure of exactly what I did see. The thunder was simultaneous and louder than I can recall ever experiencing. At this point I did see terror in the dogs’ faces but they recovered quickly. Took me a little longer.

I went outside to look for damage and was surprised that I was unable to find any. I’m sure it’s there, maybe on the very top, flat part of the roof. We have several very tall trees on the perimeter of the property and they all appeared to be undamaged. Amazing.

I later found out that all of the fluorescent lights were fried and several GFIs were tripped. Don’t know what else might show up.

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