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A Stormy Night in Panama

We’re certainly in the heart of the rainy season and heavy rains are not uncommon. But high winds are. Trees were down all over but at our place not much was damaged.

A substantial mango seedling was blown over, in spite of being staked. Here’s a photo after I righted the tree.

Mango seedling

What I didn’t notice at the time was a hummingbird nest in the tree, not quite six feet above the ground.

Hummingbird nest

It was empty, of course, and after the relatively severe conditions of last night there was little chance of finding any eggs or baby birds. We chose to think that the nest was empty before the storm hit.

The only other damage that we found was a platano (plantain) blown over, flat on the ground.

Unidentified plant with platano behind it. Platano pup to the left.

This is not a terrific loss as we still have platanos in the freezer from the last crop, after giving away substantial numbers. Besides, these will likely mature once we hang them up on the porch.

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