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Here’s the Simple Solution

Once again the TV news is featuring an illegal alien being deported in a tear-jerking scene.  She’s been here for years, a convicted criminal still here only because of Obama, and mother of at least two teen-aged anchor babies.  These kids are now on TV talking about how horrible it is to separate a mother from her kids.  No one seems to mention the obvious solution.  They’re free to go with her.

Temporary Immigration Ban in US

I’m really not understanding all the resistance to the President’s temporary immigration ban. If you’re to believe the media (which I really don’t) then most of the country is in opposition.  Presumably that’s according to the same pollsters that predicted the election.

I’m reminded of a picture that was circulated a while back. There was a bowl of M&M’s with a caption something like “There are 50,000 M&M’s here. Ten of them will kill you. How many will you eat?”

Letting in unvetted or, as we’ve already seen, poorly vetted immigrants is playing Russian Roulette. It truly seems that many in the populace are automatically against something that our President is for. Even if it kills them.