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Cuy, anyone?

We almost moved to Ecuador instead of Panama.  Several strong reasons we didn’t.  One of the lesser reasons was their propensity for cuy, aka guinea pig.  We could never get used to this!

I still keep in touch with some Ecuador blogs and found this interesting post.  Apparently a town called Quingeo has a cuy festival of sorts.

Here’s a picture of this year’s “queen”, dressed as befit a queen.


Here’s another photo of the queen, dressed for dinner.



Talk about playing with your food!

Are We Contributing to the Ending of Our Democracy?

I preordered Ann Coulter’s new book “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” a month or so ago from Amazon. It came in recently but I was determined to finish another book I was reading, even though I was most anxious to start this new one.

The current book, “If You Can Keep It” by Eric Metaxas, got great reviews but was a disappointment for me personally. I found it a bit tedious. The author’s premise is that America is on the decline and perilously close to reaching the point of no return, something I totally agree with. In fact, I think it’s already reached the point of no return. He argues that this is due to a decline in our morality (honesty) and loss of pride in our heritage, among other things. If we the people don’t turn ourselves around, it’s over for the USA. A timely quote from a Lincoln speech might be prescient. “If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be the author and finisher.” The things Metaxas says need changing, and I totally agree, will not in my estimation get changed. Besides, as previously stated I think things are already lost.

While the Metaxas book gave me no cause for renewed hope, the Coulter book does. She thinks the country can still be saved, but only if Trump gets elected. She makes many of the same points as does Metaxas. Taken from her first chapter:

At its founding, America was populated by the most law-abiding people on the planet. It tells you something that, until the 1965 immigration act, the most problematic immigrants were the Irish. The same way virtually any immigrant to Finland makes it less white, almost any immigrant to America makes it less honest. Not exactly PC, but political correctness is one of the things both authors find problematic for our country. Again, I totally agree.