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Calendar Photo Shoot


The photographer for the 2017 Amigos de Animales calendar came by this morning to take pictures of Whiz Bang. I signed him up long ago, when he was a kitten and well before he exhibited signs of xenophobia. I was not optimistic about his cooperation and he didn’t disappoint my expectations. He absolutely freaks in the presence of strangers. Our friend Suzi has had the best luck with him but that’s only after spending 2 or 3 days here with us. Fortunately, we had other cats that were ready to step in and take his place.

We decided on Cinco.  Cinco de Meow. We rescued him in May 5 yrs ago from the streets of Cinco Ranch subdivision west of Houston.  Hence the name Cinco.  He’s very docile. No problem whatsoever with strangers. Or cameras. Whiz has an uncanny sense about cameras. He can detect their presence and immediately surrender a really cute pose. Still, I was hoping.

You can barely see Cinco on a big rock in the shadows.  The photographer is clicking away as Jan looks on,  Well, she sorta looks on.

At right, Whiz Bang in a defiant pose when told the photographer  would be coming.