Archive | September 2015

There’s a New Doctor in Town

There was an e-mail announcement this morning of a new medical clinic in Boquete. Among other things, it really highlights the differences in medical practice between here and the states.

To start with, she (the doctor) publishes her office phone AND her cell phone, with the note that she’s available 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day. AND she makes house calls. How’s that for starters?

Then she goes on to list specific services such as injections, emergency sutures, medical certification for insurance, etc, etc.

The last item on her bullet list states that pricing is not based on nationality. (A very common term here is “gringo pricing”, meaning that gringos are charged more than the locals either because they are perceived as being able to afford it or they are too naïve to recognize it, or both.)

I guess we’ll have to make up some excuse for an office visit just to check out the doctor and her facilities..  It’s best to not wait until something is really needed.


Settling In

The container arrived a month ago and we’re still trying to put things away. We had a garage sale of sorts last Saturday and got rid of some excess merchandise, but with space and time limitations we weren’t able to display all of our offerings. And I knew from the git-go that would be the case. We’re already planning another sale before Christmas. We have a considerable quantity of Christmas items that need to go.

We both have a lot of accumulations from over the years. If someone from outside were to come along and throw away 90% of it, we’d likely never miss it. But when being personally previewed, the items tend to take on an exaggerated importance. And I’m far worse about this than she is.