Archive | April 2015

It’s a bug’s life

Early this morning I was sitting in my car waiting for the maintenance shop at my small hometown airport open.  Eventually my eyes were drawn to the only movement around, a rather large beetle-type insect that was aimlessly wandering the sidewalk in one direction, then another.  Occasionally it would climb the brick wall that butted up to the sidewalk.  It would get two or three bricks high and then fall, invariably landing on its back.   It would struggle and struggle and eventually right itself.  Then the whole process would be repeated.  It would wander this way, then that way, then climb the brick and fall again.  I began to wonder what meaning, what purpose, the life of this bug could have?

After a while a cardinal came hopping around the corner, pecking at this, pecking at that.  Looking for any little morsel of food.  Just trying to make a living.

The bug became perfectly motionless.  Was it aware of the bird?  No matter.  The bird caught sight of the bug and in short order the bug was no more.  I guess I bore witness to my question being answered.  And here I always thought that cardinals were seed eaters.

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